Acrevi LTDA is located in the city of Nova Prata, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The product is, for the most part, made at the branch located in Anta Gorda, a municipality near the Guaporé River (Vale do Taquari). The production chain also includes two other southern Brazilian states: Paraná and Santa Catarina. This region is characterized by the cultivation of yerba mate in a family-tradition way, preserving a centuries-long tradition that has improved over the years with the use of new technologies. This way we seek to combine the culture that identifies us with the various needs presented by the yerba mate market.


The natural properties present in yerba mate have sparked an increase in consumer interest, resulting in greater popularity also in other continents, such as Europe and North America. In southern South America, the use of yerba mate as a drink is a tradition that goes back thousands of years, being an indispensable part of many people’s daily lives.

Currently, the company is very concerned with the environment, society and the maintenance of good production practices, acting in several ways:

– Reforestation.

– Encouraging family farming through the conducted planting and herbal harvest.

– Harvest by hand, with care in choosing the branches to be used.

– Traceability of the lots, allowing the association of yerba mate with its planting location and time of harvest.

– We employ an innovative leaf-drying method which allows for the indirect heating of yerba mate, so as to free the product from smoke and impurities.

“The unity of the entire production chain is of fundamental importance for the delivery of a quality product which, when consumed, meets expectations and reveals the care used in the entire production process”

Ademar Chrestani


1988 – Herval do Prata Indústria e Comércio de Erva Mate LTDA starts its activities, when the first contact was made with the production of yerba mate and with product quality management, bringing the necessary knowledge that, some years later, led to the creation of the current company.

1989: Year of the first yerba mate export.

1990: Beginning of yerba mate seedling cultivation.

1999: A Herval do Prata Indústria e Comércio de Erva-Mate is hit by a major fire. At the time, the company suffered losses that reached almost the entirety of its machinery and inventory.

2002 – Importadora e Exportadora Acrevi LTDA appears, which initially focused on the trade of different products with neighbor countries. However, the company has always focused on the export of yerba mate, also assisting in procedures related to quality.

2014 – With business expansion ideas, anticipating the growing demand for yerba mate in different markets, the construction of the factory in the city of Anta Gorda-RS began.

2016 – After the inauguration of the new company, the search for improvement of the quality of the merchandise led to the certification of organic products.

2019 – The project that allows the use of air-drying machines is completed, extending the intentions of improving production and the final product. The new drying system has reduced ash and greenhouse gas emissions.

2020 – Implementation of a quality project, aiming to perpetuate good production and staff management practices.


We work with a myriad of mate products, being able to adapt our product according to clients’ needs.Contact us. We will be honoured to service you.



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